Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Brief History of Playstation

Originally known by several names, the PlayStation Move was originally unveiled in June of 2009. There was a huge debate within Sony Entertainment as to what to call the motionless controller. The press had continued to incorrectly refer to it as the Magic Wand or the Wand. Sony eventually called it "The Motion Controller" and on September 2009 the name, "Move" was coined and used as the proper term for the controller.

The controller was in the works by Sony Entertainment as early as 2001. Early prototype versions of the Move were in circulation such as the Eye Toy but these motionless controllers failed to capture people's attentions. By 2008 Sony had finished work on the Move and was ready to launch it to the public.

With the public and media giving the PS3 Move rave reviews, the Move was being applied to all Sony PlayStation wireless games. The first game to utilize this was Dual Shock 3, which enabled a player to use the analog stick of the Move for the use of the sword in game. Rumors also at the time speculated that Sony had developed the Move in retaliation against Nintendo Wii's wireless Nunchuck remote, but Sony denied any of those allegations.

The Move was finally released in January of 2010, being just a bit too late for the Christmas rush but right in time for all those viable game players to spend their Christmas money on this new remote. The logo probably has to be the most innovative thing with the PlayStation Move, a blue squiggly shape which is supposed to be a representation of the light trail left by the Move as you move it about with the lighted sensor sphere within.

The Move was an automatic success which also incorporated a large selection of third party video game support, something very rare for new out-of-the-box designs such as the Move. Even today the Move sells almost a hundred thousand units.

One in three PS3 games is designed specifically to be used with the PlayStation Move in mind. There are a good variety of PS3 Move Games available that are not too shabby as most of the games are quite entertaining and fun. Unlike controller specific games of the past for older game consoles, PS3 Move games don't leave you wanting more. It is no wonder the PlayStation Move is so popular, and has made the PS3 into much more than it was on release. Whether or not the PS3 Move was designed in retaliation to the Wii, it certainly was a brilliant move (no pun intended).

The Sims 3 Reviews

The Sims 3

EA has just announced the next Sims expansion, The Sims 3: Seasons. In case you haven't guessed it, this expansion pack adds the oft-requested seasons to the world of The Sims.

Now your Sims will have a chance to interact with changing weather, as well as participate in various festivities associated with the seasons.

Sims 3 Associate Producer Ryan Vaughan feels that the expansion adds more immersion to The Sims, stating:

As much as I love summer, the fact that every day in The Sims 3 has the same exact weather can take away from the realism of the open world. With The Sims 3 Seasons, that is completely changed. Having both seasons and weather transitioning naturally during play adds a whole new dynamic to not only the realism of the open world, but to the gameplay as well. You can let your Sims swim in the ocean on a hot summer day, bob for apples among the autumn leaves, test their snowboarding skill on the half pipe, or welcome spring with a colorful umbrella and a walk in the rain! With all new activities to keep your Sims busy year-round, and an all new outerwear category in Create A Sim, seasons and weather create a brand new element for players to interact with.

The weather can also directly affect the health of your Sims, giving them a tan if they stay out in the sun, getting them struck by lightning during a storm or even making them catch a cold or possibly freeze to death. Of course your Sims can also dress accordingly, with new fashion options including snow clothes, raincoats, and Halloween costumes. You can also give your Sims new traits like Loves the Heat or Loves the Cold to make them more impervious to various temperature extremes.

Seasons are still under your control, though. Vaughan says, "The length of a season -- even the mere existence of a season -- is fully customizable by the player," adding that there's a new menu to tweak the settings to your liking.

Some activities will only be available during certain seasons. Vaughan clarifies, stating, "For instance, having a snowball fight in the middle of summer just doesn't make sense. However, the snow ball fight interaction is replaced by a water balloon fight during the times of year where there's no snow on the ground. There's always plenty of new features and content available despite the current weather." When IGN asked whether or not the seasons affected the new swimming feature, which allows your Sims to hop into the ocean, Vaughan said, "Swimming in the ocean can be done year round," though, "Sims who decide to take a dip during a particularly cold day may receive the Polar Bear Club moodlet, giving them a temporary immunity to the cold."

Likely in an effort to be as inclusive to as much of the gigantic Sims audience as possible, the holidays included in The Sims 3: Seasons won't be named after those in real-life. "The world of The Sims is a lot like ours, but with some pretty funny and amusing differences. Sims can go trick-or-treating on Spooky Day, or host a gift exchange party on Snow Flake Day. A good old-fashioned Hot Dog Eating Contest on Leisure Day happens to be one of my favorites," says Vaughan.

Other new features include UFOs, complete with alien abductions, and ice furniture. Various items such as barstools or love seats made of ice will now be purchasable. Additionally, your Sims will also have new lifetime wishes associated with participating in various seasonal activities.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mobile Games Mostly Played On The Couch

According to a survey conducted by casual game developer PopCap, respondents say they spend more time playing mobile game devices in their own living rooms than in the places you'd expect — such as in line at the grocery store or on board an airplane.

With 69% of surveyed gamers listing 'at home on the couch' as their preferred venue for mobile gaming, we can't help wondering how many mighty Xboxes and Playstations are gathering dust while iPads and iPhones are enjoying all the fun.

57% of respondents listed 'at home lying in bed' as another favorite mobile-gaming spot, although more traditional mobile settings do get a substantial nod: 63% say they play while riding a bus or train, and 55% while waiting for an appointment. A smaller percentage cop to mobile gaming as a guilty pleasure: 10% admit playing while in church, at a movie, or, scarily enough, while driving. Another 6% admit sneaking a game or two in while attending a meeting at work.

"[W]e believe mobile gaming is invading the last bastion of video game consoles and personal computers: the home," said Dennis Ryan, VP of Worldwide Publishing at PopCap.

Indeed, as smartphones, tablets, and dedicated mobile game systems like the powerful PS Vita close the technology gap with their console big brothers, the entire category of 'mobile' gaming might soon be seen as a distinction without a difference.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Video Game Business

The reason why most people want to start a video game business is because they want to make money online selling games. There are millions of gamers out there looking for games to buy, and billions of dollars in profit are made each year. In fact, more money is spent on consoles and games than on the movie and music industries combined.

So how can you get a slice of that profit? If you want to start a business selling games, first you need to select a "niche". What kind of games will you sell? Will you focus on a specific console, or a specific developer? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you on your way to becoming an online game seller.

Once you decide on that, you can begin looking for one or more video game wholesalers. Think about what actually goes into making and selling games. There is programming and testing, but the buyer only pays for a few dollars worth of material. There is a disc, a case, and a manual. When a retailer wants to sell video games, they buy them for closer to what the materials are actually worth. Then they increase the price and keep the profit which can be over 100%.

To become a video game seller, you take the place of the retailer. You go directly to the video game supplier and buy games at wholesale prices. Some suppliers will even process payments and ship out the games for you. The process is actually really simple, but few people know how to get in touch with these game suppliers and wholesalers.

That's the hardest part of starting an online business selling games. The rest is surprisingly simple. The online gaming market is always hungry for more, and there is always something new to sell. After you have a supplier, there is nothing stopping you from making hundreds of dollars every week. You can list your games on eBay, Craigslist, your own website, or any other place you want. You can even expand your business offline and start selling video games for a living. Doing this can get you "industry affiliation" which will get you into gaming conferences like E3.

I spend a few hours every week maintaining my own online video game business. In return, I make anywhere between $100 and $500 worth of sales per week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Android Game Development Tips

Turning a leisure time activity or passion into full time profession could be a dream job and Android Game Development could be named one. The Android game developers come out with the best of ideas and create an explicit gaming arena. There are multiple categories based on the age groups, types, payment mode, and more. A large crowd is always drawn towards the free games on the Play Store. The growing market for Android and the recent advancements in technology has made the chances of Android Game market all the more high. Moreover the game lovers as well as the developers have a choice over 2D or 3D. There is also a wide variety to choose from simple to strategy to arcades to racing and even board games, all these with single and multiplayer mode.

When a developer has confirmed an Android platform for his games there are three aspects which he needs to consider the most and it includes-

Character modeling for 3D games - The characters created for 3D needs to hold unique character distinction. The character requires specific features like- facial expressions, signature style, exclusive costume designs, etc. All these traits make an identity for the designed character in the game.

Screen size- The screen size plays as a vital role and an important success rate factor. While developing a Smartphone game, the developer needs to remember this restriction, which varies from a mobile device to another. By enhancing the appropriate scale proportions in the application with the right coding process, the popularity steps up.

Enhanced game scenario- The gripping effects can be raised with its total look. The ultimate look provides feel and build the success.

A few more important aspects that an Android game developer needs to check on are -

- Game scenario- The entire feel is elevated by the scenario and the developer needs give special importance to this section. The landscape features and terrain optimization should be given equal importance as that of the characters.

- Game Programming- The requirement of an exceptional user-interface and challenging modes or levels ought to be there. These details will enhance in building it as a commercial hit.

- Most importantly the rankings of each game hold its success rate. Based on the ranking it will be flashed on the Play store's initial pages. If the gamers cannot be provided the specific interest factor, it can affect the review as well as its success.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Android Game Review: Robo Defense

Robo Defense

The game Robo Defense for the Android phone has taken the ever popular free approach with additional features if you purchase the full game. However, the great part about Robo Defense is that it is a fully functional game even if you do not choose to purchase the game to unlock all the extras. Right now, Robo Defense is the best free game in the Tower Defense genre mostly because they are able to fund development with the number of people who purchase the full game. This game is one of the top downloaded games on the free Android game marketplace and is consistently ranking within the top 10 Android games on most game review websites.

The general concept of this game is that an army is coming to attack your base and you cannot let them get all the way to the entrance of your base. Thus, you must defend the battlefield outside your base with towers. The towers can be used to block enemies as well as shoot machine guns, rockets, slowing guns, anti-air, and flame throwers. The amount of towers does not seem too impressive when you first load up the game, but just remember that every tower can be upgraded at least once and some can be upgraded significantly more than that.

For each army unit that is coming to attack you that you kill, you get money. With the money you can buy different towers or upgrade your existing which makes this game almost like "leveling up" as you buy new units.

This game is incredibly addicting and very fun. It is highly recommended that you play the free version before purchasing the full game because the tower defense genre is very much a niche genre within the gaming world as is definitely not for everyone. But for those who love tower defense, Robo Defense is the best one out there for the Android phone right now so it is advised that you pick it up. After all, it's free on the Android Marketplace.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nintendo Announces New 3DS With Bigger Screen, Due Out in August

The 3DS is getting supersized.

Nintendo announced plans in an online video early Friday to roll out a new version of its 3D handheld system — called the 3DS XL — which will effectively double the system's screen size. The handheld will go on sale in the U.S. on Aug. 19 for $200.

Like the 3DS, the 3DS XL will have a non-3D touch screen as well as the larger 3D screen, which still does not require the use of special glasses. But despite the bigger screen, the new model will reportedly have a longer battery life, letting people play games for up to 6.5 hours, a 1.5-hour improvement over the original.

"There were demands for a bigger screen, and so we are ready to respond with a size-variation model," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said in a video on the company's website. "You can enjoy powerful 3D imagery."

The news of the upgrade comes on the heels of Nintendo's denial that one was in the works. At E3 earlier this month, Nintendo design guru Shigeru Miyamoto told IGN the company was more focused on the successor to the 3DS rather than an iteration, specifically one with a larger screen.

Since the system's launch last February, Nintendo says it has sold over 17 million 3DS units globally, a pace that's faster than the one set by the original DS handheld. That system eventually became the best-selling handheld ever with over 150 million units sold worldwide.

The new system's launch date of August 19 coincides with the release of the anticipated 3DS game New Super Mario Bros. 2, setting up a big month for the beleaguered game company.

The company also revealed new software footage for the 3DS, including one big new game it held back from E3: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. This will mark the first 3DS appearance of the popular puzzle game, which is due out in November. Nintendo also plans to release one downloadable puzzle every day, for a full year after the game launches. Those will be available as free downloads.

Nintendo also confirmed the first direct sequels to Pokémon games -- Pokémon Black and White 2 -- will be out for the DS in the U.S. this fall. Japanese fans get the games this weekend.

Finally, the company announced a new Super Smash Bros. game is underway. Nintendo has handed over the development duties to Namco Bandai, though Masahiro Sakurai, who has overseen previous versions of the game, will once again be directing the game. However, he said, don't expect it anytime soon.

"The project has just gotten started," Sakurai said in a statement. "Bear in mind that not only are we developing two titles simultaneously, but we announced the project before we even started actual development, so I'm afraid we will likely have to keep you waiting for quite a while. Please be patient."

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Short History of Online Games

Much can be talked about online games history and much can be known as well as learned during this process. Hence one should know the origins of the various types of online games which are responsible for the present degree of enjoyment.

The magic started around the year 1969 when a two player game was developed with the basic aim for education. The path has seen an upward trend and hence many changes and new introductions took place since that time. All of these changes were quite fantastic in terms of the features that they provided as these features were completely new for that time period and hence were vested with a mammoth degree of attraction.

Hence the first multi-player game was born as a result of a toils of the scientists and the software developers. Many things about gaming were learned during this period and all of them were incorporated into the games that were built.

Online games really blossomed after the year 1995 when the restrictions imparted by the NSFNET(National Science Foundation Network) were removed. This resulted in the access to the complete domain of the internet and hence multi-player games became online 'literally' to the maximum possible degree of realism. The monetary success of the parent companies who first launched these games were ample source of encouragement for other companies to venture in this field. Hence competition continues to grow from that moment to even as this article is being written. The features hence became more advanced in an effort to implement immaculate product differentiation and the resulting games became more and more advanced. Today most of the online games that are present are also free and hence they are able to provide ample resources of enjoyment without the need to spend a single penny.

Online games history bears a illuminating aspect to it and hence it should be known by all those who love to play online games. Free games were have been a part of online games for quite some time now and hence an idea about free games history is also quite interesting. The first games that were declared free were basically board games like chess and backgammon and today the list has increased to free games being present in almost all the feasible genres of games.

The study of the history of both online as well as their free versions gives an idea as to how these marvels were conceptualized and how were their ancestors(the first original games that were built like the first flight simulation game which was developed around 1979). Online games history is full of magical solutions to all the questions which must have been raised in the mind of perhaps every gamer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wii vs Kinect: Which Is Better?

Motion-controlled gaming isn't new to the world, but it's been picking up steam ever since the Nintendo Wii and the Kinect motion controller for the Xbox 360 were released. Both of these games engines offer motion controls to play games in a different way than was possible in the past. However, that's the only thing they have in common. Let's take a look at what makes them different.

Nintendo Wii ($140)

Nintendo was the first console maker to bring motion controls to gamers with the Wii. The idea is simple: players wave an IR-equipped controller to act out movements in the game. This feature is included into every game released on the Wii.

+ Motion control comes standard with console
+ Large selection of games
+ Plenty of exclusives

- Confusing button layout
- Very few Mature-rated games
- No HD graphics

Kinect for Xbox 360 ($150)

Kinect is essentially an add on controller that gamers can buy for the Xbox 360. It's basically a camera that tracks you're movements to control in-game characters and/or objects. It also allows Xbox owners to control their consoles using either hand gestures (Minority Report-style) or with voice commands thanks to the embedded microphone array.

+ Most advanced motion controller system available
+ Tons of exclusive titles available
+ Can be used for multiple forms of entertainment

- Expensive (for an add-on)
- Limited number of games available now
- Requires 6-8 Ft of space to use properly

So, which one is better? It depends on what you're looking for and which games you want to play. The Wii is a good choice for Nintendo fans and anyone who doesn't gawk at complicated button layouts. The Kinect is great for those who want serious, mature, HD games in which they can get fully immersed.

When it comes to technology alone, the Kinect wins by a significant margin. It may be expensive as an add-on, but the motion controller is worth every penny due to the number of other functions it provides. And if you don't already have an Xbox you can get the full bundle for around $300, which isn't that much for a console these days.

It can be used as a webcam, hands-free media remote, or just for voice chat in regular video games. Plus, the voice commands help to take motion out of the picture when gamers just want to buy new games, watch a movie, or listen to music on their 360 after playing for a long period of time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Become a Video Game Developer

The game industry is more popular than ever and there are millions of people who own consoles and video games of some kind. There are many different types of games available from puzzles, adventure, to sports games. Not very many people turn their passion for games into a career. With the steps below it is easier to understand what you need to go through in order to undertake this role.

Game development is a long process in many cases and involves many different teams working on various assigned tasks. There is the team which creates the game design, and then there are the game testers at the end who test the game for any faults. The developer's role is important as they help to bring the game from the design phase to the post-production phase. You will good math skills and also a keen creative side to make a good video game developer.

Step 1: Play a lot of Video Games The first thing you need to do when learning how to become a video games developer is to actually play a lot of video games yourself. If you do this then you will have a better chance of being a developer. Most games developers are very serious about gaming and get new ideas from games they have previously played. They love to try out the new releases and understand the latest game trends. It is a demanding job. However, one of the most important aspects of any good developer is to have a real creative side and passion for the games developed. It is all very well being technically good, but you also need to have great creative ideas to be successful.

Step 2: Get a Degree in Computer Science or Graphic Design It is unusual to be handed a job as a games developer without experience or some sort of qualification. There are numerous online courses you can do to get up to speed. However, one of the best ways in which you can break into this area is by getting a degree in computer science or graphic design. You should focus on 3D modeling. This is because so many games are now going that way in regards to their graphics. Gone are the days of the two dimensional platform games and characters of years ago. 3D Studio Max is one of the best you can learn and is used by multiple games companies around the world.

Step 3: Decide on an Area of Expertise The next thing you should decide on is which specific area you want to concentrate on when becoming a games developer. You should ensure that you have a portfolio of work which includes links to online work produced by you. In addition, you should also work on developing some new ideas for games.

Step 4: Get an Internship at a Video Game Company Lastly, it is important that you try to search for job that will allow you to get in at the ground floor in the company and learn as you go along. It is a very competitive industry and it is important you get entry into a job to move up the ladder.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zelda Prototype Cartridge The Rarest and Most Valuable NES Games

The Legend of Zelda

Tom Curtin didn't get what he was asking for one of the rarest video games ever found, but you won't hear him complaining too much about that.

Earlier this week, Curtin launched an eBay auction for an exceptionally hard-to-find The Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge. The price? A whopping $150,000. That proved too steep, but a buyer quickly stepped forward and offered $55,000 — and just like that, there was a new record for the most expensive video game in the world.

"I still think there's some more values with it, but I was happy with what I got," says Curtin. "Zelda belongs atop the video game world."

Up until now, the record was held by a copy of Stadium Events that sold for $41,300 back in 2010.

The buyer has gone to lengths to stay anonymous, even insisting that Curtin agree to a non-disclosure agreement about his identity. Curtin can say, though, that this person has one of the world's largest collections of rare video game memorabilia. The prototype cartridge itself -- which contains a fully playable, pre-release version of NES classic The Legend of Zelda -- is thought to be unique, hence the abnormally high asking price.

Curtin didn't actually have the Zelda cartridge for very long. He bought it about three months ago from Jason Wilson, a leader in the prototype collectible field who had owned it for about 10 years previously. Curtin had planned to keep it, but soon noticed his collecting habits were shifting from cartridges and systems to original prints of cover art. That's when he decided to put it up for auction.

Because the cartridge is a piece of video game history, Curtin, who is an account manager at Oracle in Boston, wanted to ensure the buyer was reputable. And while he's limited in what he can say, he does note "I do believe it's going to a good home."

While the Zelda prototype cartridge was the crown jewel in his collection, Curtin is hardly bereft of video game memorabilia. His collection, he says, fills an 8'x 8' room and includes a Magnavox Odyssey, sealed classic games, and original artwork from Mega Man and Castlevania.

The one regret he has is that despite playing the cartridge a bit in a YouTube video to verify its authenticity, he stopped short of playing it through completely. That's something he hopes to rectify.

"I am going to reach out to the buyer and ask if I can play it through before I send it," he says.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nokia Secreet Code

To know the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) No.: *#06#
To check the phones Software revision. *#0000#
To enter the service menu type. *#92702689#
Clock Stopping. *#746025625#

#06# Display the IMEI (GSM standard)
*#0000# Display the firmware version and date
*#bta0# Display the Bluetooth MAC address (models with build-in Bluetooth radio, activate first to show address)
*#mac0wlan# Display the WLAN MAC address (models with build-in Wi-fi radio)
*#opr0logo# Clear the operator logo (3310 and 3330 only)
*#pca0# Activate the GPRS PCCCH support (early GPRS models)
*#pcd0# Deactivate the GPRS PCCCH support (early GPRS models)
*#res0wallet# Reset the mobile wallet (models with mobile wallet)
*#res0# Soft-format the memory (Symbian models only)
*#rst0# Reset to factory defaults, confirmation required (DCT4 or newer)
*#sim0clock# Display the SIM clock status (DCT3 only)
*#ssn0# Display the manufacturing serial number (mid-range and premium, non-Symbian models, and those devired from them)
*#war0anty# Display the manufacturing and repair info (no exit on DCT3)
*efr0# Enable EFR encoding (pre-2003 models)
#efr0# Disable EFR encoding (pre-2003 models)
*hra0# Enable HR encoding (pre-2003 models)
#hra0# Disable HR encoding (pre-2003 models)
#pw+1234567890+n# Display the SIM lock status: (pre-2003 models)
n = 1: provider lock
n = 2: network lock
n = 3: country lock
n = 4: SIM lock