Sunday, May 27, 2012

World Of Warcraft Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

Some of you gamers might like leveling as a Prot warrior, sure it works with the Shield slam and Revenge, Shockwave can be nice as well. But if you really want to hit 85 fast then I recommend The Fury tree. The Titan's Grip talent will enable you to wield Two 2-handed weapons, but it works just fine if you don't have it yet, just use x2 1 handers, or a 2h if you got a really good one.

I'll tell you which ones will be the best Warlock build for your Cataclysm leveling below.

First off, put 3 talent points in Blood Craze. Now 2/2 in Cruelty. Get the Piercing Howl ability after this because this one is great for when you're fighting multiple mobs/players and want to get away. Now put 2/2 talents in Executioner and 2/2 in Rude Interruption. After that you should get Death Wish, this one will increase your damage significantly. Then put 3/3 in Flurry and 3/3 in Enrage. Now take the Raging blow and Rampage (You have to get Raging blow before being able to get rampage). Then get the Heroic Fury, this one is great if you're slowed by a rogue or an enemy that's about to kill you. And then 2/2 Die by the Sword, this one is great for survivability and will save you a corpse run several times during leveling to 85.

Keep putting points in the Fury tree, never put anything in Arms or Prot if I don't tell you to. Now, get the Furious Attacks, 2/2 Meat Cleaver and 2/2 Intensify Rage. Put 3/3 in Bloodsurge and 2/2 in Skirmisher and now you'll be able to get the best of them all, Titan's Grip. Get this one, of course, as well as Single-Minded Fury.

You'll now be at level 75 and we're about to move over to the Arms tree.

Get 3/3 War Academy in the fury tree then move over to the Protection tree and choose 3/3 Inocite.

After this you'll only have talent point left for your warrior build, it's not really important where you put this because everything that's left got about the same value to leveling, but Field Dressing is quite nice if you ask me.

Get two nice 2-handed weapons (Swords, Maces, axes) and start owning it up, the good thing about this Warrior build is that it's great survivability, nice self healing and of course, great for leveling. This one is also nice for PvPing (Player vs Player) but if you're going to do BG/Arenas fulltime then Arms is the best build. You can use the dual spec on these two ones because Fury is awesome in PvE, and Arms is awesome in PvP.

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