Monday, August 6, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Game Review

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

First off, I am a fan of Transformers and I am very interested in the new Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. So when I heard the demo was available, I was first in line.

The Transformers: Fall of Cyberton demo is great! If you pre-order the game you can get your hands on it a couple days before non pre-orderers.

There are lots of options and ways to play the demo. You have two single player missions, one from the Autobots single player campaign and one from the Decepticons single player campaign. Then you have the must have in every game multiplayer!

So the two campaign missions are each twenty minutes long, they are probably very short sections of that actual mission. The Autobot mission is very linear and close quarters, to be honest it was a bit under whelming. But I'm sure it will be much more fun to play as an Autobot in the full game. The Decepticon mission on the other hand, is very satisfying. Its more open and gives you a little more freedom to play how you want to. It is also a bit more challenging, which I prefer. So overall these are two fun missions, even though they both didn't make me think "I have to get this game". I think the full campaign will most likely be much, much better than this little taste.

Transformers War for Cyberton had multiplayer, but it wasn't good enough to have a strong community. Although it was fun. On the other hand, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has made a huge leap. The multiplayer is very thought out and very enjoyable. There are two modes available (Team Deathmatch and Conquest). Team Deathmatch is fun for a while but gets a bit boring. Conquest is the star of the multiplayer though. I found myself working with other players to capture and hold objectives, and take down enemy players. This is good in multiplayer! It does take a good amount of bullets to take down an enemy though, but it makes sense. You also get to play as four different classes. There are customization options, even though they are limited. Overall this is a very good multiplayer and very polished for just a demo.

The controls do take time to get used to. They are also a bit clunky, but after a while they start to feel fine and they really don't affect the overall enjoyment of the game.

When I booted up the first mission the graphics were under whelming, and it hurts to say. The game is running on the Unreal engine and its showing its oldness. But after a while, it all fits in to the gritty feel of this war zone.

This game has loads of potential! In the final product I would like to see a variety in missions and weapons in the campaign. The graphics could use a little polish. The best thing for this game in the long haul is its multiplayer. Just from the demo, I can already see that it will have a some what strong community. They just need to add guns, perks maybe, new customization, maps, and game modes.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron releases August 28th 2012!
Final Score: 8.8