Saturday, August 25, 2012

Game Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

How do we review a game that has already been hailed as a stunning success by one and all?

To return to a recognized classic is always a risky business!

Angry Birds. Super Mario. Grand Theft Auto. Now add one more game to the list of classics: The Amazing Spider-Man. The wait is finally over. The eagerly anticipated, enthusiastically awaited game has finally hit the marquee. Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man has been released and is ready to sweep you off your feet!

The Amazing Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the best movie based mobile games to have been released in the last few years. It has a story to tell, a mission to accomplish and a task to fulfill. The game is set as an epilogue to the movie, The Amazing Spider Man, which released in theatres across the globe with excellent critical and commercial success. The game is going to repeat history as it has everything it needs to rule the charts.

If you've seen the movie, you'll love it even more. And, if you haven't seen the movie, it will make you watch it! It is a third-person action adventure that keeps you glued. The game is designed to serve only one purpose, which it to entertain the players. And it passes the test with flying colors.

The game features excellent graphics. They are flawless, and it's a pleasure watching Spider-Man swing between buildings and rooftops. Watching spidey doing his things, the somersault and acrobatic moves perfectly, is a treat to the eyes.

The game is Peter Parker's quest to defeat the evil and save the city. However, for some this might be a negative thing. The game gives out the plot of the movie. Once you've played the game, you are well aware of the storyline. The game covers every aspect of the movie, from Peter Parker's childhood to the lab experiment that resulted in Dr. Alistair Smythe going bad. It definitely spoils the movie for those who aren't familiar; however, some would find it the best thing about the game as it creates that strong connection between the two.

The gameplay is exciting with different missions involving evil scientists and the lizard. The game is Spider-Man's quest to get the antidote and stop the evil scientists from destroying Manhattan. You also get to play the real hero by saving the damsel in distress from the evil goons.

The controls are simple, but stylish. Spider-Man is in form this time, hitting aerial moves and swinging like you've never seen him swing before. The developers deserve an extra star for this thing alone. It takes the game to a new level, altogether. Initially, all you can do is punch and kick, but when you move in the game, you get power and get the ability to hit combos. Eventually, it's all about hammering the bad guys with your combo tricks. This thing is so fun, we kept on doing it tirelessly.

If you've always fantasized about hitting the bad guys in the head and thrashing them, then this game is tailor made for you. The takedowns are very enjoyable, and you see a new move every time. Once you're accustomed with the controls, you'll have more fun playing and kicking the baddie where it hurts the most.

There's so much to write about this game, but not without some drawbacks. No doubt, the story is excellent with unmatchable game play and execution. However, one drawback that really stands like a sore thumb is the missing voices of the real star cast. The one-liners are witty, but they don't leave the desired impact due to poor voiceover artists. How we wish they had paid a little more attention to this department.

Another big problem that we faced was the lag. However, this might have more to do with the device and not the game (We played it on an iPhone). I usually have the patience of a saint, but one thing that totally brought me to the edge is the game's irritating habit of restarting the whole mission when you can't catch the escaping villain. This thing is so bad, it looks like a bug.

The best thing about the game is that it doesn't bore you. There's always something new. Once you finish the task, which takes six hours, the game doesn't end. You get in the normal zone, saving people and hopping around.

Over all, The Amazing Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the best movie based games to have released in the last few years. It has its drawbacks, but the positives seem to overshadow the negatives in this one. Give it a try, because it's totally worth it!

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