Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tips: Skyrim Leveling

Skyrim is the latest release in a series called Elder Scrolls. It is a very popular role-playing game that can be used on your PC, PS3 or Xbox. These tips have been collaborated to help you with Skyrim leveling up.

Skyrim leveling tips are very easy to do once you know how to do them and find them. The easiest leveling tip you can try is pick pocketing. It doesn't matter what you pick pocket as long as you get the credit for the skill. Raising your skill level increases your chance for faster leveling.

Dragon shouts

Dragon shouts are a very useful part of them game. However, you must first find them. In High Hrothgar ask Arngeir where the "words of power" are. After you find the word of power for a shout, you will need to unlock them. The only way to do that is to absorb a dragon's soul. But first you have to kill the dragon.

Use the map

The map that is located in the game is a very quick and easy way to Skyrim leveling. Not only can you use it to mark where you have been, but also to find certain areas that will help you level up faster. On the map, you can find the second guard barracks by the prison. Upon entering the barracks proceed to the sleep area, crouch down and sneak back and forth in the sleeping area. This will rapidly increase your Sneak skill, which will in turn increase your character level.

Speech option

The lowest level on your speech tree is learning how to bribe guards, which will keep you out of jail for committing crimes. You can go from village to village increasing your speech experience by bribing guards which will increase you level.

Crafting your way through Skyrim leveling

Crafting is a pretty basic skill, but it will help you gain levels. Just use your things you collect and sit around making the cheapest recipes around. You can work your Skyrim leveling all the way up doing this. It's a pretty boring way to do it, but it works.

Iron Daggers

You can start off by blacksmithing iron daggers. This one is pretty simple. The more iron daggers you can make the higher your skill level will go. Therefore increasing your Skyrim leveling


You can increase your enchanting skill by using your strongest enchantment spell on the villagers. The higher your enchanting skill level reaches the higher your Skyrim leveling will reach.

Skyrim Walkthrough Cheats

Use your staff of Magnus during your Eye of Magnus quest to easily get you through to the Hall of Elements. You can also boost your illusion skill by finding the rally and spell cast it at a companion over and over again. Another Skyrim walkthrough cheat is the Muffle spell. This spell can be bought from Farengar Secret-Fire. You don't have to use it for combat or anything; you can just walk around spreading it. It will increase your Illusion skill and very rapidly increase your XP level.

Lock Picking

You can collect lock picks from the stores in the villages. Now the object to quickly raising your Skyrim level with this is to break the lock pick not the lock. You can gain thousands of skill levels this way.

Dragon Towers

When you see the dragon icon appear on your compass, normally when you are running through the woods, make sure you check it out. There will be a dragon waiting there and the more dragon shouts you get the higher your Skyrim leveling will increase.

As Skyrim is still a fairly new game there are still a variety of Skyrim leveling tips and Skyrim walkthrough cheats to be found. But these should at least help you get started.

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