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Review: Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters

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One of the most anticipated DLC packs of the celebrated Battlefield 3 title, Close Quarters was released in June of 2012 to generally positive reviews. The first in a series of DLCs that will include Armored Kill and End Game (both scheduled for release later in 2012), Close Quarters adds some impressive new features and interesting twists to one of the most promising game titles in recent history.

More maps, weapons and a new HD Destruction feature

What this primarily brings to the familiar Battlefield 3 gameplay is a focus on tight indoor environments. Here's a quick look at some of its more interesting features.

- High-action infantry combat
- Vertical gameplay with threats from every angle
- 10 new weapons
- Ability to earn new weapons and use them in the base game
- New assignments
- New modes for combination team play and instant action
- HD destruction feature that causes massive damage

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is available in PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 versions.

Tight, close quarter gameplay

As the name suggests, this game focuses primarily on infantry style gameplay. In this DLC, players will have to fight their way through,all of which feature plenty of tight spaces and vertical playing surfaces. The close quarters action lends the game a frantic and high intensity feel that will keep adrenaline junkies pumped all throughout. With scores of new playing styles and methods, a selection of new weapons, and action that simply won't quit, it puts you right in the middle of the mayhem of a high-intensity infantry battle in full swing.

If you have been accustomed to the gameplay of the Battlefield 3 base game, you will definitely have to adjust your orientation a bit when you play Close Quarters. The extremely tight playing environments and somewhat disorienting vertical gameplay requires a slightly different approach along with a lot more focus and determination. In any given game, you can be blasted through the walls, the contents of a room can be totally obliterated, and pounds and pounds of lead can be traded by both sides. Truly one of the most action packed shooters in existence, Close Quarters is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The HD Destruction feature

One of the much-lauded new features of this game is the aptly named HD Destruction. This feature is perfectly suited for the high-intensity close quarters action of the game, allowing for a level of destruction unheard of in even the most action packed titles. HD Destruction basically allows players to pump an astonishingly huge amount of lead into any playing environment, essentially reducing everything to rubble. The combat gaming genre has no shortage of titles that really let you pour on the mayhem, but for sheer volume of devastation, it is pretty hard to beat.

No vehicles

The fact that Close Quarters does not include vehicles at all may leave more than a few players scratching their heads, as did we. The thrill of a full-blown vehicular rumble simply cannot be denied, which is why we were a bit puzzled why this game chose to pass up this opportunity for even more action filled levels. That being said, the tight indoor environment and the vertical orientation provide plenty of unique new twists to the action. If you really must have your vehicular warfare fix, you would do well to stay tuned for Battlefield 3: Armored Kill. Slated for release later in 2012, Armored Kill features what is supposedly the biggest map in the franchise.

The verdict

Whether or not it is for you depends on how you like to play. If you are mainly focused on solo play, Close Quarters provides a pretty stunning audio-visual gaming full of high intensity action but not much else. If you are comparing the DLC to something such as Call of Duty, Close Quarters doesn't really measure up. With regard to multiplayer action goes however, the varied gaming styles and demanding environments give Close Quarters a uniquely high-intensity feel that few other games can match. Although not a genre-defining addition by any means, this is a more than worthy addition to the impressive Battlefield 3 line.

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