Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Overview of the PS Vita

PS Vita

The Vita
The latest in handheld technology, known as the PS Vita, was released in February 2012 and has had a big impact on the way we play our handheld devices. It is by far the most powerful and impressive handheld gaming console ever built and its specifications are phenomenal.

The Vita packs a quad core ARM Cortex processor which helps the stunning 5-inch touch screen OLED display continue to look crisp and beautiful. It is available with both 3G and Wi-fi to keep you connected wherever you go and it also has Bluetooth capability. It has dual analogue sticks that make it feel much more like a modern day controller and the front and rear touch screens give it more delicate movements and actions. The Vita also has a Six Axis motion Sensing System including 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis electronic compass.

This is quite a large console but the size is necessary to support its big screen and all those buttons. The Vita's width is 7.2 inches, height 3.3 inches and it has a thickness of 0.7 inches. Despite its fairly big size it is a snug and comfortable fit in your hands but you won't be keen on sliding it into your pocket.

Vita Gaming
The PS Vita since launching has been repeatedly praised for the amount of games that are already available on it and the quality of many of these games. Lumines: electronic symphony is a very popular block busting, puzzle solving game, which has made its return on the Vita and has scored a rating of between 80% - 90%!

Wipeout has made a brilliant comeback on the PS Vita and is one of the most popular in the Wipeout series. It looks great on the Vita and the implication of cross platform play between the Vita and PS3 shows what we can look forward to in the future.

The Future of PS Vita
Although the PS Vita is an all round beast of a console there is plenty of juice left to be squeezed out. One feature that has kept chins wagging is the idea of remote play between PS Vita and PS3. The idea of being able to play your PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation Vita is truly a mouth watering thought.

Sony has also promised a huge round up of games this year. Where the 3DS was greatly criticised for its lack of games and content, Sony are trying very hard not to fall short in these categories.

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