Sunday, July 3, 2011

Xbox 720 Release Date and Specs

Xbox 720

Preview Of The Forthcoming Xbox 720

The gaming world is abuzz with rumors of a new offering from Microsoft, provisionally codenamed the Xbox 720. If we examine the evidence, it does seem clear that Microsoft are gearing up to amaze consumers with a next generation games console that will make previously releases seem basic and redundant.

Though the facts are hard to come by, there is enough information available to piece together a picture of what the 720 will be like. One thing is for certain, the specs on this new console will involve a significant technological leap forward. When we look at an Xbox 360, and compare it with the latest PC's, we can see just how much progress has taken place in the years since the 360 was released. If Microsoft want to continue to hold a dominating market share of games consoles sales, they will need to come up with a product that more than matches the latest PC's.

One area in which there has been a lot of development recently is in CPU power. Various bloggers familiar with the inner workings at Microsoft predict that the 720 will come with a cutting edge AMD fusion chip, or possibly even a new Ivy Bridge Intel special. There is huge pressure from the designers of blockbuster games for console manufacturers to use the most powerful chips in their upcoming products.

Storage is another area in which we can expect to see very obvious developments. PC's with one terabyte drives are now common place, perhaps Microsoft will steal a march on their competitors by producing the 720 with a cloud storage feature, this would be the easiest way to ensure that the amount of media which can be used is not limited. Other alternatives, such as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, will perhaps only have a short shelf life.

Whether you love it or hate it, it needs to be stated that gesture control is here to stay. The new Xbox is most likely to make use of Microsoft's Kinect hardware. Already Kinect has broken records in terms of sales of console accessories, but, veteran gamers should not be anxious, it is predicted that the 720 will also come with a traditional game pad. Let's face it, you can hardly play Gears of War 4 just by waving your arms around!

The big question is when will the new Xbox be released, those in the know suggest a Christmas 2012 release, though this may be pushed back into 2013 due to Microsoft's other commitments. In the meantime, gaming fans will just have to make to with the Xbox 360.

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