Friday, November 11, 2011

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid 4 End - Find Out the Amazing Plot-Twisting Ending

Metal Gear Solid 4 games are famous for having amazing stories. They are also famous for finishing off those stories with amazing ending. Who can forget the ending of the first Metal Gear Solid, where you're flying out of Shadow Moses, across a snowy Alaska in a helicopter, after a long and epic battle with Liquid Snake. Or the end of Metal Gear Solid 3, where you fight The Boss in the a field of beautiful white flowers, before finishing her off with her own gun, and finding out the real reason why she betrayed her country.

The newest game in the series is no different, and the fantastic Metal Gear Solid 4 end does not fail to disappoint. Note that if you have not yet completed MGS4, or you do not want the ending spoiled, stop reading now. Since the Metal Gear Solid 4 end is the most dramatic, and is best experienced whilst playing the game, you should first do so.

The ending of the game sees a lot of loose ends tied up. Meryl and Johnny are seen being wed, and Meryl finally accepts Roy Campbell as her true father. After Raiden's epic fight with vamp, and continued excursions, he is seen in hospital, getting better. During this time, he is visited by Rose, and she reveals their son to him. All happy families there, then.

Meanwhile, After Solid Snake's fight with Liquid Snake, having realised that Ocelot was partly controlling Liquid, and of their plan to destroy the Patriots, Snake can't accept the life that it seems he is heading towards - becoming a weapons for someone's means. After coming to terms with this, he stands in front of Big Boss' grave, about to take his own life for the good of the world. The Metal Gear Solid 4 end sequence ends on a cliff-hanger, and cuts to a new scene.

In the next cutscene we see Big Boss arrive in a wheel chair, just in time to stop Snake. Despite the rumours that Big Boss has been dead for years, he is very much alive, and the body that was seen burning was that of his clone - Solidus Snake. Snake changes his mind about death, and decides to live the rest of his life with Otacon and Sunny.

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