Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PC Games Vs Consoles

In the past few years, there has been a debate on PC games and Consoles sales growth. This is something, which has led to speculations that PC games are outdoing console games. This aspect has been demonstrated by different infographics that indicate PC games nearly overwhelm consoles. Whether this is true or not, the bottom-line is that game players seem to have shifted to PC games. One thing, which might have contributed to this turn of events is that consoles have previously been limited in their innovativeness.

These handheld devices were initially designed to serve as sole game playing units. They have also been developed with fixed designs meaning that their models have predetermined features. Console developers have set fixed memory capacity for the devices. They have pre-set speed of the various processors and therefore, they know what performance to expect from these devices.

One aspect which has been cited as a reason why console users may have switched to PC games is memory capacity. The highest memory capacity of consoles is that of Sony's PS3, with a capacity of 550 MHz. Other such as Xbox has 500 MHz.

Similarly, Wii console has a low memory capacity of 250 MHz. With Personal computers holding a memory capacity of averagely, 1GHz or even more, it means that users of consoles do not enjoy the benefits of enhanced memory capacity. However, with the introduction of R4 card, which is a storage memory enhancement gadget that is able to boost the processing speed of consoles, users can now enjoy increased storage capacity.

As users of consoles seek for more user-experience from their devices, it is certain that manufacturers of these gadgets have evaluated and considered consumer demands. There are been an improvement in the design features of consoles, which enables users enjoy an array of entertainment programs ranging from games, music, movies, email communications and live chats.

Users are now able to use their consoles not only as game playing tools but also as great communication devices. They can communicate live via Skype. They can download music from the internet. They can also watch movies. In addition, they can take quality high definition (HD) and 3D images and photos and store them right in their gadgets.

Initially, if you wanted to download games, you had to go to a PC and access the internet. However, with internet connectivity feature of the consoles, users can directly download contents, which they need to play. This has greatly redefined the user-experience from these devices.

Consumers today are seeking for value in what they buy and with the response of the console developers, it seems that the plight of console game players has been heard and positive innovations have been introduced in the gadgets. This could probably be one reason why console games sales, which have declined in the last three years, are now gaining an improvement.

In a report compiled by Ignite Game Technologies, it shows that in 2011, PC games retained a larger share of sales with $11.6 billion compared to consoles' $8.0 billion. Despite these projections, it is certain that the new and upcoming technological design in consoles will make them reclaim their popularity. If you want to download different contents on the internet right from your console, it might be important for you to buy r4 card in order to store your contents.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 10 Best Selling Namco Bandai Games During the 2008-2009 Fiscal Year

Here are the top ten best-selling titles for Namco Bandai during the 2009-2010 fiscal year. The biggest omission from the list is Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360.

1. Soul Calibur IV
System(s): Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
Region(s): Asia, Europe, Japan and United States
Total Sales: 2,320,000 units

2. Active Life Outdoor Challenge
System(s): Nintendo Wii
Region(s): Europe, Japan and United States
Total Sales: 1,030,000 units

3. We Ski
System(s): Nintendo Wii
Region(s): Europe and United States
Total Sales: 960,000 units

4. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
System(s): Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
Region(s): Asia, Europe and Japan
Total Sales: 730,000 units

5. Gundam Musou 2
System(s): Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
Region(s): Asia and Japan
Total Sales: 700,000 units

6. Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm
System(s): Playstation 3
Region(s): Europe, Japan and United States
Total Sales: 640,000 units

naruto ultimate ninja storm

7. Taiko Drum Master for DS 2
System(s): Nintendo DS
Region(s): Japan
Total Sales: 580,000 units

8. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3
System(s): Playstation 2
Region(s): Europe and United States
Total Sales: 580,000 units

9. Taiko Drum Master for Wii
System(s): Nintendo Wii
Region(s): Japan
Total Sales: 570,000 units

10. Super Robot Wars Z
System(s): Playstation 2
Region(s): Japan
Total Sales: 510,000 units

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Xbox 720 Release Date and Specs

Xbox 720

Preview Of The Forthcoming Xbox 720

The gaming world is abuzz with rumors of a new offering from Microsoft, provisionally codenamed the Xbox 720. If we examine the evidence, it does seem clear that Microsoft are gearing up to amaze consumers with a next generation games console that will make previously releases seem basic and redundant.

Though the facts are hard to come by, there is enough information available to piece together a picture of what the 720 will be like. One thing is for certain, the specs on this new console will involve a significant technological leap forward. When we look at an Xbox 360, and compare it with the latest PC's, we can see just how much progress has taken place in the years since the 360 was released. If Microsoft want to continue to hold a dominating market share of games consoles sales, they will need to come up with a product that more than matches the latest PC's.

One area in which there has been a lot of development recently is in CPU power. Various bloggers familiar with the inner workings at Microsoft predict that the 720 will come with a cutting edge AMD fusion chip, or possibly even a new Ivy Bridge Intel special. There is huge pressure from the designers of blockbuster games for console manufacturers to use the most powerful chips in their upcoming products.

Storage is another area in which we can expect to see very obvious developments. PC's with one terabyte drives are now common place, perhaps Microsoft will steal a march on their competitors by producing the 720 with a cloud storage feature, this would be the easiest way to ensure that the amount of media which can be used is not limited. Other alternatives, such as Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, will perhaps only have a short shelf life.

Whether you love it or hate it, it needs to be stated that gesture control is here to stay. The new Xbox is most likely to make use of Microsoft's Kinect hardware. Already Kinect has broken records in terms of sales of console accessories, but, veteran gamers should not be anxious, it is predicted that the 720 will also come with a traditional game pad. Let's face it, you can hardly play Gears of War 4 just by waving your arms around!

The big question is when will the new Xbox be released, those in the know suggest a Christmas 2012 release, though this may be pushed back into 2013 due to Microsoft's other commitments. In the meantime, gaming fans will just have to make to with the Xbox 360.