Friday, October 28, 2011

What Is Wii Fit All About ?

A big part of why Wii has been such a successful console for Nintendo is the fitness games available for it. Wii Fit was released in Japan in late 2007 selling 1 million units within the first month. It went international in mid 2008 causing stock shortages all over the world. The game came packaged with a peripheral known as the "Wii Balance Board" - which is a board the player stands on whilst playing the game. The series has more than 40 physical activities and consists of balance games, strength training exercises, aerobics and yoga. It generally received positive reviews from critics and was a big hit with the general public. This huge success made Wii Fit series into the third best selling game in console's history.

After the success of Wii Fit it was inevitable that there would be a sequel and it came in late 2009 in the shape of Wii Fit Plus. And indeed it was a great success selling 2.16 million copies within 1 month of its release. Basically, Nintendo took the basic components of Wii Fit and expanded on them - it included 15 new balance and aerobics games and six new strength training and yoga activities. Some viewed Wii Fit Plus as more of an expansion to the older version since there were no drastic changes to the way the game worked or its features. As well as the inclusion of new games a calorie-burning counter, the ability to create your own fitness routines and the option to create profiles for pets and babies were added. The updated system is sold as a bundle with Wii Balance Board and also on its own for people who already have the balance board. As with its predecessor, the Fit Plus received positive review overall and has been widely praised for its role in getting people more active whilst playing video games.

Wii Fit is a part of many households, but it has also has a commercial use today. It has been used by a number of hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs and even military. In hospitals it is used to aid patients in recovery from injuries as a form of physiotherapy, while in nursing homes it's used to give elderly people a chance to do balance and flexibility workouts. About 400 Wii systems have been given to military bases in USA to encourage soldiers to workout in their spare time.

Much like in any other case, to play Wii Fit you need a good working console. Most electronics tend to develop certain issues over time. If you ever have a problem with your Wii, you can check out

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