Friday, October 7, 2011

My Favorite Java Mobile Games

I have been Collecting all the Premium Mobile Games since long and Today I discovered the Total number of Games has surpassed 600 Games. I am going to share all these Games with you. There is no problem with which Mobile you have since these games will run on all the Mobile Phones which has Java Support since all these games are in jar format. User having small resolution screen of 178×208 should not get Depressed since these games will be working perfectly on their Mobiles also.

Here is the List of the games :

3D Rall V 1.0
4×4 Extreme Rally 2006
A2 Race World Challenge V 1.0.5
Absolute Minesweeper
Aces Taxas Hold’em
Action Neng
Adventure Boy
Age of Heroes 3
Allods-Rage of Mazes
Alpha Wing 2
Alpha Wing EX
Ancient Empires
Ancient Empires V 1.0.3
Anno 1503 V 1.0.1
Brutal Fighting V 1.0
Burning Tires
C2S AgassiTennis
Call of Duty v 1
Carribbean Missile Criss Ver 1.0
CarRacer v 1.09.1
Catapults S60
Championship Manager V 1.42
ChessMaster v 1.04
Chica Interviu Valencia v 1.0
Chopper Rescue V 1.0.7
Christmas Block Breaker v 1.02
Cloud Commander
Cocoto Kart Racing V 1.0
Colin McRae Rally V 1.0
BanditoGangsterito Nokia 176×208
Beach Ping Pong
Bear Cards V 1.0.1
Ben Chase V 1.0
BeyBlade G-Revolution V 1.2
Biliardo 3D v 1.2
Billy the Kid-Wanted
Bimmer Street Racing V 1.0
Black Hawk Down Team Sabre
Blitkrieg 2
Bomb Jack V 1.1.6
Bomberman 3D
Bounce Back
Bring ‘em Back V 1.0

This List is Becoming very Comprehansive moreover the Size of the Folder is Becoming very large so I have divided the games into packs of 50. Download.

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